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Des specializes in teaching acoustic and electric guitar lessons to learners of all ages.  Based in Galway, Ireland, he has over 20 years experience in teaching complete beginners as well as intermediate learners and advanced musicians.

All styles of music are catered for  — learners select what type of music they wish to play! Des has a full catalogue of tunes he has taught from artists including The Beatles, The Pogues, Fleetwood Mac, John Lennon, Bob Dylan and RHCP to modern artists such as Niall Horan, Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, Coldplay and a range of artists from other genres including folk, americana, blues and bluegrass.

  • Tuition times that suit you
  • Any number of learners per session
  • All music tastes catered for
  • Learn at your own pace
  • Teaches children and adults

Guitar Tuition in Galway

  • Des offers private 1:1 lessons in person at Knocknacarra, Galway
  • Sessions are 1 hour in duration
  • Learn the basics of the guitar, chords, fretboard, rhythm etc.
  • Lessons can accommodate one or more learners at a time

Lessons for Beginners

Des has developed a tried and tested method to help absolute beginners to quickly gain confidence to read sheet music, train fingers to move efficiently between the frets, and ensuring that each note sounds sharp and sweet.

He also encourages beginners to have fun, and to sing along with friends or on their own while playing the guitar.  That is why learners are also encouraged to play the songs they themselves like best.

Here is a short beginner's lesson on how to play an acoustic guitar...

Taking Your Guitar Skills to the Next Level

If you have been playing the guitar for some time, and would now like to progress from Beginner to Intermediate or Advanced or are feeling stuck at a certain level and want to re-energise your playing, Des can help. Maybe you just want to fine tune some of your techniques, Des can assist you to identify opportunities for improvement.  He can also work with you to develop your individual style of play.

About Guitar Lessons in Galway

Visit Des Behan's YouTube Guitar Lessons Channel to get access to more FREE guitar lesson content. This channel has over 60,000 views so far with much more content to come in the coming months. Below are a sample of some of the lessons that Des has added to his YouTube Channel.

Non english speakers learn the Guitar and English

Des explains the meaning of song lyrics to non English speakers.

This can be a fun way of learning English, while also learning the guitar. 

Foreign learners are very welcome!

Recording at Guitar Lessons Galway

Record your Lessons

Guitar lessons can be recorded and replayed by the student later to help with practice. Recordings of lessons can be sent by e-mail to the learner and stored on their own devices.

Learn Guitar over Skype!

Learn from Anywhere!

Now you can learn to play the guitar over Skype!

Learn at your own pace in your own home. 

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